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Widely Used Construction Materials That You Should Know

There are always buildings being constructed every day. Although the architecture of each of the buildings differ from one another, there are still construction materials that are commonly used when building any structure. Many naturally existing materials have been used to create structures, including clay, pebbles, sand, and wood, as well as twigs and leaves. Various man-made items, some more artificial than others, are used in addition to naturally existing materials. 

Construction materials manufacture is a well-established business in many nations, and their use is often divided into specialized crafts. Construction material distributor in Malaysia and around the world manufacture these materials with the same purpose in mind. Here are some widely used construction materials that you should know. 

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Wood is one of the oldest construction materials, having been used for millennia and has qualities that make it a suitable building component, even in the days before manufactured and synthetic materials.

Certain species of tree are more suited to certain usage and environments than others. Architects and constructors can assess which sort of wood is best for a particular project. However, wood is a less common alternative for bases and deep foundations since it is lightweight and requires pressure treatment to come into touch with surrounding ground.


Steel is a tough material made up of iron and carbon, with additional alloying materials added to make it even better and more fracture resistant than iron. Due to the sheer extra chromium in their composition, stainless steels resist corrosion and oxidation. Technical experts utilize it for the supporting structure of towering contemporary buildings and vast industrial complexes because it is so robust in comparison to its weight and size.


Concrete is a mixture of coarse and fine aggregates held together by a binding agent, such as cement, that solidifies or dries over time. The most popular form of cement is Portland cement, which is a fine powder made by burning limestone and clay components in a kiln and then incorporating gypsum. As a result, Portland cement concrete is made up of granular material, Portland cement, and water. The cement solidifies or dries after combining, resulting in the stone-like substance we know as concrete.


Stone, which has been used for thousands of years, is the most durable construction material available. In reality, stone is still used to construct some of the world’s oldest structures. It has several advantages, yet engineers and architects must take extra care when designing a structure made of stone. Several stone varieties are excellent for a variety of applications. Slate, for example, is fireproof. Granite is one of the toughest and most durable stones known; the Incas built their immensely powerful structures out of limestone or granite.