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What Does a Web Hosting Provider Actually Do?

Web Hosting Provider

A website nowadays is pretty mandatory. Whether you want to create an online presence- either in a personal or business since- or you just want to create one as a hobby, you will need to have a web host to go along with your website.

So, what does a web hosting provider actually do? Well, think about it this way: your website is actually your belongings and the web hosting provider just gives you the house and a permanent address that you can live in.

Your payment will essentially give you a digital address and imprint that, when people input in a web browser, they will be able to access your website online.

In other words, the best hosting service provider just gives you the means to allow your website to be easily reached via the internet through the use of their web servers.

Now, as to the extent of the service, it boils down to free web hosting and paid hosting solutions. For free web hosting, you are pretty much given a small space on the host’s web server, but with the caveat that they are going to put advertisements on your own website.

You might be wondering why they do this. Well, to be honest with you, free web hosting isn’t actually free because the web servers require money to be maintained. And, the only way for these rather “free” services to gain money would be to post ads in order for them to get some much-needed revenue.

The primary function of a hosting provider would be to give you a domain and an internet address (also known as the IP Address), but they are not only limited to giving you just that. They can also give you other services such as FTP access, POP3 Email, and a host of others.
A paid best hosting service provider is something that a lot of businesses should take. This is because you want your website to be as professional as possible with amazing performance and features that you normally wouldn’t get if you just happened to use a free service.

That being said, there are a lot of perks when you go this route.

Here are just some of them:

Whenever you get a paid web hosting, you get to choose from many different types including shared, virtual private server, dedicated hosting, and colocation hosting.

Shared and VPS servers are the same in that you are placed inside one server along with many other websites.

Dedicated hosting, as its moniker implies, provides you with all of the resources that a particular web server provides- giving you complete control.

Colocation hosting, well, is dedicated hosting that puts your web server in a more secure location.
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Hosting providers can also manage your websites and server if you give thee the option to.


If you are running a personal website or blog, free web hosting services should suffice (provided that you are willing to have different kinds of ads on your page). However, for professional use-cases, you’re better of paying for a hosting provider instead.