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Ways To Cook Vegetables For Kids

Kids will always say no to vegetables. As parents, we would always want the best for our kids. Best shelter, best education, best nutrition and be the best for them. I know how hard it is to make your child eat vegetables so I came up with a few ways to make vegetables presentable and at the same time will attract their interest to try the food. Get your vegetables delivered by fresh vegetables delivery Malaysia to have fresh vegetables for your kids.

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We can make various foods from potatoes such as baked potatoes, French fries, fried potato balls, potato fritters and mashed potatoes. I will be sharing the easiest way to cook them.

Mashed potatoes are very common among the kids because they can eat it with anything they like.

  1.       Boil any kind of potatoes that you would like to use (peeled).
  2.       After it has softened, toss it and mash the potatoes right away while it is still hot.
  3.       Pour one cup of full-cream milk (use any milk you have) and add more if you want smoother texture.
  4.       Add butter or olive oil of your choice.
  5.       Add some spices; Cajun seasoning, white pepper, black pepper, dried oregano leaves. You can add anything you want to add taste to it.

That is basically all you have to do to make mashed potatoes. Now, we move on to potato fritters. This is something like potato pancake but it has more potatoes than flour in the batter.

  1.       Pour one cup of flour
  2.       Add one cup of water (add more if you don’t want thick batter)
  3.       Peel and shred any potatoes you like. You can adjust the size according to your preference. I like it when I bite the potato chunks so I cut it quite big.
  4.       Add the shredded potatoes into your bowl of batter.
  5.       Add salt and chopped scallions into the batter to give it some taste.
  6.       Mix well and pour it into your preheated oil in any preferred size.

And that’s it! Your kids can eat it just like that or with ketchup and chilli sauce.


Why is it called red cabbage but it’s purple? I personally don’t know but as long as it gives nutrients to my kids, I will cook it straightaway.

The first way I usually eat red cabbage is by making red cabbage salad.

  1.       Slice the red cabbage into small pieces.
  2.       Add sliced carrot to add more colour to your salad and make it looks interesting.
  3.       Saute the veggies. You can also eat the salad raw if your kids prefer crunchy veggies.
  4.       Add seasoning and salad dressing to have a savoury taste.

That is it if you want the salad without any toppings or add-ons. I usually add some marinated fried chicken bites to attract my kids. Here is how I make the chicken.

  1.       Cut the chicken into the size you prefer.
  2.       Pour Greek yoghurt into a bowl.
  3.       Add the spices; garam masala, chilli powder, salt, pepper
  4.       Mash some ginger and a few cloves of garlic until it becomes paste and put it in the bowl.
  5.       Add lemon or lime juice
  6.       Mix it and add the chicken
  7.       Marinate the chicken for at least 15 minutes to make sure the spices are absorbed.
  8.       Fry the bite-sized chicken

Add it into your salad bowl and you are good to go!