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Introduction to eCommerce

eCommerce, formerly called electronic commerce, refers to the electronic trading of services and goods on a vast area, with the help of the internet, and other computer networks. The different uses of ecommerce? Automated data collection systems, inventory management systems, electronic data interchange, and online transaction processing.

Through ecommerce, exchange of data in an electronic way becomes possible. The internet can effectively help in facilitating financing, and different payment methods for online business transactions. Do you want your brand to thrive online? Your business and brand can benefit a lot through efficient communications and improved business solutions. Look for effective ecommerce development services in Malaysia that can help you out.

In order to set up a successful ecommerce platform, make sure to implement the following:


There are some economic components that can affect your ecommerce plans. There are lots of factors impacting the economy in several ways, including interest rates, inflation, unemployment rate, economic growth and the specific business cycle followed by your country.


Changes in the government, as well as changes in priorities and policies, can be primary political components in your ecommerce success.


Socio-cultural components are those that arise from potential customers and existing customers. At times, these changes can be difficult to determine and assume, until a major impact happens. Within this specific social factor, the company can find it helpful to check and analyze socio-economic situations. This can be done by means of different fundamentals such as cultural limitations, customer demographics, education and lifestyle attitude.


Technological factors are those things related emerging developments on technology uses. There are 2 kinds of changes in general technology uses–uses of IT developments and IT developments in specific markets and industries.


It is crucial to take into consideration the factors that emerge from law changes. These changes can be by means of health and safety laws, discrimination laws, copyright and patent laws, and consumer protection laws.