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How to Tell if You are Not His Priority Anymore

A girl, no matter if she is only a girlfriend or the wife already, would love it if she is the priority of his man. But the thing is, there are times when this is not the case as the relationship advances. And sometimes, the girl won’t even realize it until she is already too heartbroken. 

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So, how can you tell if you are not the priority anymore? Check this out:

  • He easily cancels his appointment with you

Even for minor reasons only, he cancels your date. It seems that you are his last option considering the fact that when you talked about the date, the reason for the cancellation is still not formed. It means that it blooms later than your date so you should have been his priority. He should have given more weight to his date with you since it is confirmed earlier. 

  • They forget important dates about you

When they can’t remember it is your birthday or the anniversary of your relationship, it only means you are not special. It could also be that he remembers but did not put any importance like he used to. This is also a sign that you are not important anymore. 

  • He is dry when in public

If you are still dating and he is dry in public, this is something to think about. Most of the time, it is the guy who will show intimate actions even when in public, but if that is not the case, he might not be into you really. The thing is, PDA is not just for the sake of letting you know he cares about you, but it also means he can’t wait to get his hands on you as he loves you that much. He enjoys showing his love to you. 

  • They will only contact you first if there is a need 

The thing when you are dating is you keep in touch with each other because you enjoy doing it and not because you feel obligated to. But if your man will only reach out to you for important reasons, it only means he is not that much interested with you. He does not enjoy knowing how you are or where you are or even just the thought of talking to you. 

  • They don’t reply to you as soon as they can

Do you have to wait long when you are sending your man a message? Is this a normal occurrence? It could be that he just ignores your messages for a while, thinking they are not important. If this is already a usual situation, you should think twice about your relationship. Maybe he wants to break off. 

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