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How Affiliate Marketing Works

Are you determined to start an affiliate marketing career in Malaysia? With the right strategy, you can earn big commissions. Affiliate marketing is an online marketing channel where businesses, often referred to as merchants or advertisers, pay individuals and companies depending on their promotion performances.

Publishers are companies and individuals getting paid for providing sales and leads for a company. Thus, if you are a publisher or affiliate, you must utilize your skills as a digital marketer to refer people to a particular product. When an individual decides to purchase the product, depending on your recommendation, you can get a commission.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketers are paid according to their performance. Below are the different kinds of performance-based models which are common to affiliate marketing.

  • PPS, or Pay Per Sale

Pay per sale, or PPS, is where businesses pay percentages of the sales which are qualified. This may be the percentage agreed by the affiliate and company. One of the most common PPS programs is Amazon associates. In here, the publisher can earn up to 15%, based on the sold products.

  • PPC, or Pay Per Click

PPC is where a publisher gets paid for the valid clicks which are generated, regardless if it made leads or sales.

  • PPL, or Pay Per Lead

PPL means that businesses pay fixed commissions for qualified actions which are generated. Those actions can include free trials, online form submissions, installations and short surveys.

How to join an affiliate program?

You can join an affiliate program, free of charge. However, the overall costs would depend on the kind of promotion tactics you are planning to use. For instance, you can create your blog for free, but the email campaigns and PPC marketing strategies you want to implement may come with a price.

Begin earning today!

There is definitely no limit to what an affiliate marketer can earn. The amount you will get would depend on these factors:

  • The motivation of the buyers
  • The affiliate programs you are promoting
  • Conversion rates
  • How many website visitors you are sending through the affiliate links