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Books recommendation that can help gambling addiction

Feeling disappointed after failing many times to stop gambling addiction? It must be difficult for you and it is totally understandable. An addiction is not something that can be cured just in one day. It requires perseverance and determination. After all, what makes quitting gambling hard is that most people view gambling as an entertainment. Entertainment is something that gives joy and pleasure to us. When you consistently have it, you can’t live without it anymore. 


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However, here is the good news. How about reading some books that can help you deal with your gambling addiction? Below are some books recommendation that might help you with your addiction:

Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas by Natasha Dow Schull


Computer gambling is a unique world unseen by those not within it, particularly in Las Vegas. When playing on slot machines, gamblers enter a zombie-like “machine zone,” and the goal becomes to continue playing for as long as possible, rather than win. In combination with this trance-like state physical and economic exhaustion are clear signs of gambling addiction. Is it the fault of the market to design the machine ergonomics, casino architecture, and manage the ambience in order to encourage this behavior to maximize the time on each device? Or maybe it is the responsibility of the user to return to the drug, while attending Gambler’s Anonymous meetings and pursuing help for gambling addiction? It is most definitely the profound interplay between the two, and how, at an unprecedented and profound pace, the traffic between people and chance machines intensifies.


This book is for those who seek to understand the psychological explanation of gambling addicts and how the gambling industry’s workings. Plus, how those interplay to create a cycle of gambling addiction. Whether or not the reader has a gambling addiction and wants to understand what caused or caused it, has a close friend or family member with an addiction to gambling machines.


Overcoming Your Pathological Gambling: Workbook (Treatments That Work) by Robert Ladouceur and Stella Lachance


Robert Ladouceur and Stella Lachance are both psychologists at the Universite Laval School of Psychology and have developed this workbook with a corresponding therapist guide that works together to create a comprehensive program to solve gambling issues. Overcoming Your Pathological Gambling is intended to be used in conjunction with therapy and help readers learn recovery skills to completely eliminate the need for gambling. Ladouceur and Lachance have been researching the psychology of gambling for over twenty years, and have collected therapies that are most successful in treating gambling addiction.


All the programs were thoroughly researched and tested in clinical trials and included forms, worksheets and assignments to keep the attention and commitment of the readers. They not only lay out specific techniques for controlling the urge to play but also help readers understand the truth of gambling games and why they have developed addiction.


So, this book is for anyone unable to manage their gambling. When gambling has begun to take over your life and you find that relationships and jobs are interfering, it’s hard to avoid by yourself. This workbook will assist you in your search for honesty and liberty. Pathological gambling is increasing dramatically in society. With this workbook, readers and participants claim it is simple but effective. It provides an understanding of the nature of the issue and tools for fighting compulsive behaviour. The presented information is highly accessible to all, even those who do not understand pathological gambling, and produces direct benefits and outcomes.

Born to Lose: Memoirs of a Compulsive Gambler by Bill Lee

Bill Lee wrote a book about his childhood, focussing on his addiction to gambling and how it influenced him. He is a Chinese American who grew up in Chinatown, San Francisco. Lee chronicles his quarante-year gambling addiction in Born to Lose. He claims to have been raised as a pathological gambler, being brought into a society where many lose their kids in betting.


His addiction to gambling started in third grade when he lost his set of baseball cards and continued throughout his childhood and adulthood until he forfeited all that he owned at blackjack tables in Las Vegas. His self-esteem was focused on winning and he became obsessed with wealth, losses validating his feelings of worthlessness and driving him to gamble more to win back his self-worth.


Born to Lose is not just for those struggling with a gambling addiction, although they may benefit greatly from it, but it is for anyone seeking a story of overcoming addiction, loss and rising from the bottom up.

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