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6 Home Design Tips that You Can Follow

Some people will not hesitate to spend a lot of money when doing a home makeover but despite the fact that you could potentially spend thousands of dollars, you want to make sure that every dollar that you spend is well worth it.

Fortunately, you do not have to wander about on your own in this since I am going to share some home design tips that everybody can follow.

Add Natural Lighting to Your Sunroom

Your sunroom or living room should have adequate lighting but not from your LED bulbs or chandelier. You can instead take advantage of the rays of the sun.

Homes should have huge glass windows so that sunlight can pass through without a problem. And, even though you can certainly use curtains to somehow mitigate the light that can enter, I suggest that you do not utilize them as natural light can easily make your house look brighter, thus giving the impression of happiness.

When Choosing Chandeliers

A lot of people do not know exactly how to choose the right chandelier for their homes because they rarely have any frame of reference- or so they thought.

A good rule of thumb when buying a chandelier is to measure the width of the room where you’re going to install the chandelier. Then, you want to double that number
(mathematically) and then convert it to inches. The resulting number should be your minimum dimensions for chandeliers.

Now, I did say that it is the ‘minimum’ simply because you can never go wrong by making it a bit oversized.

Anyway, when you’re installing the chandelier, do not let them hang way too low.
Perhaps placing them on your ceiling and just giving a few inches of space to hang would be ideal.

Add More Personality by Using Different Wallpapers

You can use an unpatterned paper or artwork if you want to soften a particular space.
Alternatively, you can use a patterned paper if you want to strengthen the personality of a room.

I suggest that you buy one of those Japanese art papers that have floral designs imprinted on them. They look visually appealing and can instantly add more personality
to any room.

Think About Fashion When Decorating

In actuality, decorating a house is just akin to fashion. If you are going to use bold and colorful dresses, accentuating them with subtle accessories can really help.

Conversely, if you are going to use a rather subtle paint using neutral colors, you can add more focus to the artworks, paintings, or other things that you put inside your house.

Bunch Similar Artwork Together

If you are going to buy some paintings that have the same theme, you might as well just bunch them up together by placing them in the same room with just some spacing in between them. This will add more personality to your walls.

Use a Single Color in Your Bedroom

Your master bedroom is where you sleep. Therefore, it is just practical to make use of only one color tone. That is so that you can make it more soothing for you to sleep in.