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6 Foods to Feed Your Baby Before Turning 1

Are you having a great time shopping for baby milk bottles in Malaysia? Buying baby essentials is exciting, but remember that soon, your kid wouldn’t need those bottles anymore! It can take a while, but you should also focus on introducing food to your little one before she turns 1. Here are some basic food items you can introduce to your baby soon.

1.Whole Grains

There is no reason to limit your child’ diet to old-fashioned rice cereal. Feel free to feed her brown rice, quinoa and oats. These have more fiber and flavor.


Use berries’ bright red appearance to entice your baby to feed. You can serve it chopped, just like other finger foods for babies, or use a blender to create a puree.


Help your baby’s brain development process by feeding her DHA. This is an important omega-3 fatty acid which is important for cognitive development. Salmon is packed with this special nutrient! Try feeding your baby this fish one a week.


According to a recent study, you can prevent the development of peanut allergies in babies by introducing peanut to your kid before 1 year old. Never give her a spoonful of peanut butter, or whole peanuts, though. Just spread a bit of peanut butter on some toast sticks, or stir a bit of it in a puree.

5.Garlic and Onions

Don’t hesitate to include small amounts of leeks, onions, garlic and scallions on your baby’s diet. When cooked, this can incorporate a savory, mellow quality to purees and other baby meals.

6.Spinach and other green vegetables

Several children are open to eating new kinds of food. At first, they may refuse it, or make a funny face, but never give up on offering them new food types, especially greens. Let her get accustomed to the taste of kale and spinach.